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Ana Clara Azevedo

Brazilian Society and Culture

🌱Chasing sustainable solutions and social impact in everything I do 🌈Proudly part of the LGBTQIA+ community
🌍Diverse and rich career path, having worked for the United Nations, international NGOs and multinational companies.

+10 years working with Public Policy and Advocacy, mobilizing multiple stakeholders, fostering collaboration and coalitions to achieve greater objectives.
+6 years working within the healthcare ecossystem, building sustainable and innovative market access strategies that capture every stage of the patient journey.
- Experienced in Rare Diseases, Oncology, Vaccines and Advanced Therapies.
- Supported the development process of the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations in 2012 and have helped integrate SDGs into organizations since then; having championed shared value partnerships on a variety of topics such as: gender mainstreaming, entrepreneur education, poverty alleviation, access to healthcare, green practices.
- Cultural awareness, powerful communication, and agility and ability to build trust, credibility and navigate complex landscapes and develop cross-functional projects.
- MBA in Project Management
- MBA in Sustainable Development and Circular Economy
- Courses on Patient Centricity; Corporate Social Responsibility; Diversity in the Organizations; ESG Integrated Management; among others.

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