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Anielle Franco

Brazilian Minister of Racial Equality and Citizenship

Anielle Franco is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, born and raised in favela da Maré. She is dedicated to protecting human rights defenders in Brazil, mobilizing hundreds of families who were victims of lethal violence by state agents. She advocates on behalf of Black and young women facing violence and for the rights of people living in Brazil’s slums.

Anielle has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and English from North Carolina Central University and; a bachelor’s and license degree in English literature from the state university of Rio de Janeiro; and a master’s degree in journalism and English from Florida A&M University. She is currently a master’s student in a federal university, Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca, in Rio de Janeiro on ethnic-racial relations. Anielle has just published her first book called Letter to Marielle and has participated in many other books, including Angela Davis´ autobiography. She works as a teacher, speaker, writer and is currently the director of Marielle Franco Institute, named for her sister, a Rio de Janeiro councilwoman who was assassinated in 2018. The institute carries on Marielle’s legacy and supports the political participation of Afro-descendant women and people living in the favelas. Marielle’s death inspired Anielle’s to become a leader for human rights in Brazil.

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