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Empowering Female Afro-Colombian Entrepreneurs

In 2023, the Festival and non-profit Casa Innovation created a pitch competition for Female Afro-Colombian entrepreneurs, giving them a chance to win a portion of the $23,000 prize. In less than a week, five semifinalists and five finalists were selected to attend the festival and sell their products and services to the attendees.

Despite not all the semifinalists winning a prize, their dedication and hard work shone through. Casa Innovation, V&N Consulting Services, and Expectant Advisory made financial contributions on their behalf, then these were matched by a generous festival member. 

There was a joyous and tearful address during the last panel of the festival where each of the finalists shared their stories, struggles, and triumphs. From that moment on, streams of generous donations were made by other attendees. On the last night of the festival at the evening reception, five finalists were honored and awarded prizes. 

Though these entrepreneurs discovered life changing opportunities and connections, their stories of resilience deeply impacted our attendees. It was a beautiful reminder that kindness and humanity cross all borders and barriers. 

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