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Breaking the Glass Ceiling:
A Story of Community

In the first year of FOTD, a very successful Muslim American working mother walked into the festival feeling frustrated and alone. Not only was she the only person who looked like her at her firm, but despite her achievements they hadn’t made her a partner. She felt unseen and undervalued, questioning whether she would ever be able to break through the glass ceiling.

That’s when she was able to connect with other like-minded Muslim American women. They saw her potential and expressed their desire to help her ask for more. So they pulled their networks together, built this woman’s book of business, and helped her demand to be put on the track. With their unwavering support, she was able to achieve her goal and become a partner in just nine short months.

But the impact of their friendship didn't end there. These women went on to create a national conversation on Muslim women in America through their podcast, "Not Your Typical Aunty," and were recently featured at South by Southwest. Their inspiring story of friendship, teamwork, and perseverance has touched the hearts of countless women across the country.

This heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder that when women work together, they can overcome any obstacle and exceed well beyond it.

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