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The Festival of the Diaspora is a global nonprofit event that aims to celebrate and connect humanity by encouraging inclusivity.

About The Festival Of The Diaspora Organization

Each year, we bring our unwavering belief and unwavering commitment to a new city, ignited a ripple effect of positive impact.

Join Us in Medellin, Colombia for fotd 2025

We are honored to bring the festival to our home base, one of the most dynamic cities in Latin America

Next Stop, Medellin

The 4th Annual Festival of the Diaspora is heading to the City of Eternal Spring in Medellin, Colombia. After breaking attendance records in Rio de Janeiro during February 2024, we are expecting the largest festival in our 4 year history in Medellin!

Whether you’ve attended before or are a first-time festival-goer, we invite you to register today and experience the joy and diversity of our diasporic community.

FOTD 2025 Themes

History & Culture

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Colombian traditions and lifestyles.

Led by:

Media & The Arts

Navigate the intersections of commerce and media in today’s interconnected world.

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Entrepreneurship & Creative Economies

Allow your ideas to take root and flourish by entering dynamic, enriching spaces.

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Philanthropic Sector & Impact

Address pressing social and environmental issues through resources and capital allocation.

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Tech & Society

Delve into the interplay between Technology, AI and society, and the transformative potential it holds.

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Early Bird Promotion

*Discounted pricing will only be valid until August 31st 2024

Early Bird Promotion

*Discounted pricing will only be valid until August 31st 2024

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