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Celebrating humanity everywhere.

Our aim to create spaces of acceptance and belonging around the globe.

The Festival of the Diaspora is a global nonprofit event that aims to celebrate and connect humanity by encouraging inclusivity.

Next Stop, Brazil

Olá! Next year we will be honoring our global community in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana Beach. 


Whether you've attended before or are a first-time festival-goer, we invite you to register today and experience the joy and diversity of our diasporic community. 

February 22-25, 2024

    Early Bird Special!    
Register before 8/30 to save $350 off VIP passes & $200 off festival passes  

Dive deep into current issues and explore the latest innovations with global experts and industry leaders. 


Connect with the community and experience an electric atmosphere with nightly galas, receptions, and ceremonies


Build meaningful connections with the local community to create impact at the grassroots level.


Embrace the richness of the host country’s culture alongside your peers through an exclusive destination adventure

Our Convergence

Every Festival Has A Transformation Story

Puerto Rico

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: A Story of Community

In the first year of FOTD, a very successful Muslim American working mother walked into the festival feeling frustrated and alone. Not only was she the only person who looked like her at her firm, but despite her achievements they hadn’t made her a partner. She felt unseen and undervalued, questioning whether she would ever be able to break through the glass ceiling.

That’s when she was able to connect with other like-minded Muslim American women. They saw her potential and expressed their desire to help her ask for more. So they pulled their networks together, built this woman’s book of business, and helped her demand to be put on the track. With their unwavering support, she was able to achieve her goal and become a partner in just nine short months.

But the impact of their friendship didn't end there. These women went on to create a national conversation on Muslim women in America through their podcast, "Not Your Typical Aunty," and were recently featured at South by Southwest. Their inspiring story of friendship, teamwork, and perseverance has touched the hearts of countless women across the country.

This heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder that when women work together, they can overcome any obstacle and exceed well beyond it.


Empowering Female Afro-Colombian Entrepreneurs

In 2023, the Festival and non-profit Casa Innovation created a pitch competition for Female Afro-Colombian entrepreneurs, giving them a chance to win a portion of the $23,000 prize. In less than a week, five semifinalists and five finalists were selected to attend the festival and sell their products and services to the attendees.

Despite not all the semifinalists winning a prize, their dedication and hard work shone through. Casa Innovation, V&N Consulting Services, and Expectant Advisory made financial contributions on their behalf, then these were matched by a generous festival member. 

There was a joyous and tearful address during the last panel of the festival where each of the finalists shared their stories, struggles, and triumphs. From that moment on, streams of generous donations were made by other attendees. On the last night of the festival at the evening reception, five finalists were honored and awarded prizes. 

Though these entrepreneurs discovered life changing opportunities and connections, their stories of resilience deeply impacted our attendees. It was a beautiful reminder that kindness and humanity cross all borders and barriers. 


Metamorphosis Awaits

“Join us next February in Rio de Janeiro to be a part of this action-oriented diasporic movement. We all will see who is transformed in 2024, for it could be you.” - Cordell Carte Esq.

Cordell Carter Esq.

The dedicated visionary who nurtured this dream

Cordell Carter, Esq. created the Festival of the Diaspora in 2020 to establish a secular tent revival for the Americas. His motivation was sparked by a concern that political divisions were receiving excessive attention, while broader issues such as building connections and finding joy were being overlooked.

On top of founding FOTD, Cordell is also the Executive Director for the Aspen Institute Socrates Program - leading a global education forum for leaders learning from leaders and the Founding Director of the Aspen Institute Project on Belonging, which equips leaders to create a society where everyone belongs and enjoys equitable opportunities to thrive. Previous to his current roles, Cordell held leadership roles with TechTown Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Business Roundtable, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and the IBM Corporation.

Cordell serves on the Board of Directors of Concordia; and the advisory boards of SkillStorm, for whom he chairs their UpSkill Together Initiative, EVPassport, a manufacturer of EV charging devices, Fvlcrum Fund, a private equity fund focused on scaling Black & Brown-led SMEs and Tulsa Innovation Labs. In June 2021, President Joseph Biden appointed him as Commissioner to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Sustainable Development Goals 

Gender Equality
Gender Equality
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Reduced Inequalities
Reduced Inequalities

Gender Equality

The Festival of the Diaspora plays an important role in promoting gender equality and empowering women by highlighting the achievements and contributions of women from diverse cultures and communities around the world. Through its emphasis on celebrating diversity, the festival supports efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and to ensure their full and effective participation in all aspects of political, economic, and public life. By showcasing the creativity, innovation, and leadership of women from diverse backgrounds, the festival helps to break down stereotypes and promote positive representations of women in the media and popular culture.

Stay Posted

Be the first to find out about festival updates and other events we will be hosting throughout the year! 

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