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Addressing A National Concern

Three years ago, with a vision and determination, we embarked on a mission to create transformative platforms for our esteemed community of leaders, thinkers, and doers.


In an era where misinformation is rife and the call for equitable policies is louder than ever, Brazil's national focus on these issues stands out.


We recognize the pressing need for policy makers who are not only well-informed but also data literate.


A Groundbreaking Partnership

With this in mind, we are proud to announce our collaboration with the National Black Economic Council and the National League of Cities. Together, we're set to present a monumental event: The Mayoral Summit at next year’s Festival.

A Meeting of Minds

This isn't just any summit. We are selecting and sponsoring the travel expenses for 25-30 city mayors from the USA and 40-50 elected leaders from Brazil to come together.


Their mission? Collaborate in teams on 3-4 handpicked case studies, all centered around one pivotal concept: harnessing the power of data to shape robust public policies.


Our Triad of Objectives

Enhance data literacy among policymakers.

Foster deeper ties between elected leaders from the USA and Brazil.

Bridge the gap between American cities and our network of 250 FOTD leaders.

Joining Forces with Leaders in Data

To ensure the summit’s success, we are actively seeking insightful data from esteemed organizations like USAFacts, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth.


An Invitation for Sponsorship

We also offer a golden opportunity for organizations aiming to highlight best practices on pressing issues. If you wish to be part of this transformative journey and be seen as a leader in policy-relevant practices, we invite you to come onboard as a sponsor.

Interested in the Mayoral Summit? Contact for more information.  


Attend 2024 Festival of the Diaspora 


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