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Policy and Politics

Uncover the dynamics of public policy and its influence on shaping societies.

Led by:

Dr. Lynette Rawlings

Brazilian Society and Culture

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Brazilian traditions and lifestyles.

Led by:

An Clara Azevedo
Gabriela Oliveira

Commerce and Media

Navigate the intersections of commerce and media in today's interconnected world.

Led by:

Folasade' Ogunmokun

Finance and Wealth Building

Explore strategies for financial empowerment and sustainable wealth creation.

Led by:

Reginald Canal

Creative & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Allow your ideas to take root and flourish by entering dynamic, enriching spaces.

Led by:

Diana A. Buenaños Mena

Latin America

Diversity in the Americas

Celebrate the diverse cultures and voices that define Latin America.

Led by:

Melissa Gómez Hernández

Women Empowerment

Diversity in the Americas

Highlighting the achievements and empowerment of women across the Americas

Led by:

Lola Adedokun

Public Health & Personal Wellbeing

Prioritize personal wellness and explore public health initiatives for thriving communities.

Led by:

Tatiana Torres

Indigenous Peoples

Diversity in the Americas

Honor the invaluable insights and stories of Indigenous communities in the Americas.

Led by:

Nikki Santos

Jewish Diaspora

Diversity in the Americas

Journey through the history and contributions of the Jewish Diaspora in the Americas.

Led by:


AI and Society

Delve into the interplay between AI and society, and the transformative potential it holds.

Led by:

Al Motley
Jacques Jean

Trust, Security, Privacy

Navigate the realms of trust, security, and privacy in a digital era.

Led by:

David Graff

Attend 2024 Festival of the Diaspora 


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